We are selling more and more Cycle Helmet Cameras to cyclists, like myself, who want to protect themselves against dangerous drivers. We’ve also had an 

increasing number of our customers call up, thank us and that the Cycle Helmet Cameras captured their accident and helped them with their insurance claim.

Thankfully, all of our customers have not been seriously injured BUT some have expressed that without the video from the Cycle Helmet camera, it would have been difficult to prove who was responsible.

Here’s a video from one of our Customers who was involved in an accident and was knocked off his Bike…luckily he was not seriously injured.

But what makes a good Cycle Helmet Camera?

  1. Easy to fit: All of our Cycle Helmet Cameras are easy to fit on to all Cycle Helmets and are Bullet Style in shape.
  2. They are light: Most of our Cycle Helmet Cameras weigh only 60 Grams
  3. Battery vs size: The battery will last 2-2.5hrs – long enough to record a commute to work
  4. Will record in section videos: It’s important to record in video sections because when you’re looking to use a Cycle Helmet Camera to commute to work or use whilst out riding because you will have limited space on your SD Card to record the files to. When you set the Helmet Camera to “Cycle Record”, it will automatically record over the old video footage which is not needed.

Stay Safe out there!

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