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Bullet Cam How-To Guide and Troubleshooting….

1. First thing you will need before the Camera lands is a 32GB SD Card – this is the one we recommend https://amzn.to/3kYxcpq

2. You can use a 64GB or 128GB Card, HOWEVER, you will need to format the Card to FAT32 using additional software) – this video explains how to do that if you want to use a larger SD Card

The Basics….


How to Switch on and Record


How to connect to your PC / MAC


HOW TO SET YOUR TIME / DATE Stamp on your Bullet Cam…


How to charge your Bullet Cam…


If you have a MAC make sure you delete files like this!

Bought a Garmin / Wahoo Stem Mount?


How to fit onto Bike...

Problems Recording? Cam Switching off?

This is the biggest problem we see and it’s normally a simple fix – basically, it’s your SD Card…

Reformat the SD Card to FAT32……(and remember if it is 64GB or 128GB, you will need to format as per the video on the top of the page!)

And make sure you select 32kb when formatting!

Still got problems – are you in Video Mode?